For Honor Year 6 Season 1 Golden Age


Hello there, fellow warriors and fans alike. For Honor Year 6 Season 1 has launched on March 17.

This season has a lot more in store for warriors than the introduction of online cross-play.

Having previously teased what’s next for its medieval fighting game, Ubisoft finally gave fans a look at its new fantasy-themed direction for 2022.

Dubbed “Lost Horizons”, For Honor Year 6 takes a step back from the unending war between Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and the Wu Lin.

Instead, players are invited to delve into the legends and mythology of Heathmoor starting with Y6S1, Golden Age.

Let’s address the dragon in the room.

Throughout 2022, the four seasons will focus on four ancient relics, each with their own story to tell.

The first ancient relic is a chalice that binds legendary hero Lord Ramiel to a Great Wyvern, bringing peace to the land.

But how does this impact the game, you may be wondering?

Unfortunately, you won’t get the chance to play as a wyvern and rain down fire on your enemies. Instead, there’s a brand-new event mode called Oath of Wyverndale.

This time-limited mode offers a spin on your traditional Dominion matches as you gain points from capturing control points and proving yourself in combat against an AI-controlled Ramiel.

Lord Ramiel, the First Warden appears elsewhere in the game Y6S1. He is the first unique character skin available in-game, sporting his own dynamic armour set and weapon.

Ubisoft plans on adding a new hero skin with each upcoming season.

Of course, there’s more. Expect a fresh battle pass loaded with themed cosmetics to unlock as well as new unlockable armour variations and discount / XP events.

Ubisoft has also opened the doors to its Testing Grounds once more with plans to rework the Conqueror and Shaolin.

If you were expecting a new hero to join the roster, then you’ll have to wait.

The game has only just added the Pirate to its ranks though they dp promise that two more heroes will rise up during Year 6.


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