Ramadan League of Legends Tournament Kicks Off

The annual Ramdan League of Legends tournament arranged by 4NH eSports kicks off tonight!(April 3, 2022). There are 11 teams competing for the prize pool of total 10000MVR.

Registration for the tournament was open from March 25th till April 2nd, no registration fee was charged from the participants.

  • 1st Place : 5000 MVR
  • 2nd Place: 3000 MVR
  • 3rd Place: 1500 MVR
  • MVP of the Tournament: 500 MVR

Team Schedule

Viewers can watch the live stream for the tournament from the following official channels:

Organizers are hoping to bring the League of Legends Maldives community together and develop community relations through these tournaments.

“Our aim is make this tournament a annual tournament give League of Legends Maldivian community something to look forward to every year” 4NH eSports further elaborate they have more plans ahead for the local League of Legends community. “We plan to introduce a 3 split league for every year to give gamers the opportunity to improve their skills and be a better team player. And also help solo players get in to teams and be ready for the annual tournament.”


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