Let Me Solo Her Explained

An Elden Ring player who goes by the name Let Me Solo Her has been making waves in the Elden Ring community for helping players defeat Malenia, who is known for being one of the most punishing bosses in the game.

Let Me Solo Her made his first appearance to the Elden Ring community via a post on its subreddit where a he helped a fellow Tarnished take on Malenia. Let Me Solo Her, much like his name implies took on Malenia himself and defeated her without taking any damage.

Wearing nothing but a pot on his head Let Me Solo her is leaving his summon signs outside boss areas for players in need. Since the initial post on Reddit, Let Me Solo her has become a phenomenon in Elden Ring community rising to legendary status among Elden Ring players.

In an interview with IGN Let Me Solo Her stated that he started his Fromsoft journey with Dark Souls 3 and has been an active member of Fromsoft PvP community. At the time of the interview he was NG+1 in Elden Ring and is in the process of completing all the side quests.

According to the legendary player, it took him 242 attempts and two summons to initially defeat Malenia in his own playthrough. This is why he felt motivated to help other players struggling with bosses in Elden Ring.

“I chose Malenia to help others because I fell in love with her design,” LMSH says. “All her attacks are very graceful and she is unforgiving as a boss. Her infamous Waterfowl Dance is considered to be the [hardest] to dodge moveset from a FromSoft boss to date, so I decided to prove to others that it was not impossible.”

Let Me Solo Her has clocked in more than 200 hours into his Elden Ring character and is level 179, he stated that he would not be leveling up further. In the interview he further goes on to talk about his character build, he wields dual katanas — a Rivers of Blood+9 in his left hand and a Cold Uchigatana +25 with Hoarfrost Stomp. His talismans are the Green Turtle, Viridian Amber Medallion, Kindred of Rot’s Exultation, and Claw Talisman.

It is not always a perfect boss battle, Let Me Solo her admits that he has lost to Malenia more times than he liked to admit, and sometimes it is due to connectivity issues between him and the host.

“Sometimes the lag between the host and myself is too much so I get killed instantly sometimes, or miss the crucial dodge timing on Malenia’s waterfowl dance,” he says. “I would like to express my apology to those I have failed.”

Since then PC players have managed to mod Let Me Solo her into the game as an NPC summon. Gamers can gain access to the Let Me Solo Her mod through Garden of Eyes’ Patreon page. T

he mod is available through the second membership level, which costs $5 a month.


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