Steam Buyers Guide

A week ago, Bank of Maldives banned Steam. You can read our coverage of the news here.

Many of the Maldivian PC community were baffled and angered by the decision and are now looking for alternatives on how to buy games from Steam.

And that’s where we come in. With this list, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the local and international vendors through whom you can buy Steam keys and gift cards.

(We will update this page when we come to know about more vendors.)


Faseyha Recharge

Faseyha Recharge is one of the local recharging and bill pay apps in Maldives. You are also able to buy gift cards here.


This vendor has a partnership made with Ooredoo Maldives. The place sells iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, League of Legends, Netflix, Spotify, PUBG and many other cards and codes. This vendor is You don’t need a credit card to pay, but need an Ooredoo mobile number and the cost of your purchases is deducted from the your mobile balance.


Play Asia

Play Asia is of the biggest online retailers in Asia. You can not only buy Steam gift cards and game keys but also figurines and plushies from gaming and anime.


This site specializes in the resale of gaming products by the use of redemption keys. Other products sold on the site include software, prepaid activation codes, electronics, and other similar merchandise.


Offgamers is one of the vendors where gamers go to buy gift cards, especially for PlayStation. You are able to buy Steam Gift Cards from any region from this site.


This is a third party seller that sells almost all types of gift cards, making it useful for Steam users as well.

Green Man Gaming

This vendor is the official gaming retailer of PC and Xbox game keys and is considered one of the cheapest place to buy Steam game keys.

And there you have it. A list of sellers for Steam gift cards, game resellers, and more. We hope you found this list helpful and wish you the best in your future Steam use.

Lastly, before you make any purchases, please do additional research on the site, reviews of the seller, and more to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Safe shopping, happy gaming, and good luck!


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