Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Square Enix’s latest iteration in the long running Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XVI has gotten a gameplay trailer. 

We also got an expected release window for the game, which is Summer 2023.

The gameplay trailer was revealed at the most recent Sony’s State of Play event. 

Dubbed the “Dominance” trailer, this new trailer gave us a better (and more thrilling) showcase of the game’s combat system. At first glance, it looked fast-paced and stylish in a way that was somewhat reminiscent of Devil May Cry 5.

The trailer also showed off more details about the world of Valisthea, along with lots of great shots of the various summoned monsters (called Eikons in this game). It was definitely a visual treat for long time fans of these summons. (Ifrit fans, rise up!)

The trailer also seemed to suggest that players can take control of these immense beasts in certain battles. The way it was shown, the battles were massive in scale similar to kaiju battles.

In addition to the trailer, we also got a statement on the PlayStation Blog by the game’s producer, Yoshida Naoki (aka Yoshi P). 

He stated that previously, the team had stayed away from delving too deep into the game systems but that with this trailer, he hopes that players have a better idea of how the game will play. 

Yoshi P emphasized the high-octane nature of the battles and said that the game will feature a full arsenal of weapons unique to the game’s many Eikons. 

That last part sounds like Devil Arms from Devil May Cry to us, which is really exciting! We hope to learn more about these weapons as the game gets closer.

If you’d like to see the excellent Dominance trailer for yourself, here you go:


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