Dying Light 2 Patch 1.4 Will Kick Off 5-Year Content Plan

Dying Light 2 will be kicking off its 5-year plan for free content expansion starting with Patch 1.4.

The patch will launch on June 14, 2022 and will introduce many new features into the game. These features will be introduced through the game’s brand new “Chapters” program. The first chapter will be called “In the Footsteps of Nightrunner”.

According to the developers, each chapter will permanently add free content into the game that will be available to the players at any time. 

Some of the updates coming with this new patch include:

  • New rank system and unlockables
  • Daily and Weekly Bounties in exchange for reputation points
  • 2 new currencies to purchase new items
  • New enemies including the Mutated Infected, the Volatile Tyrant, and the Volatile Hive
  • Chapter Mission time trials that will test your stealth, parkour, or combat skills
  • The long-awaited photo mode

In addition to these, the game will also be getting a delayed story update in September this year. 

All of this content is making Dying Light 2 that much more appealing to new players and to existing fans.

We are keen on seeing how all this plays out and how much content the game ends up getting in the end.


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