Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 Announced

Square Enix has announced the highly anticipated sequel to its equally highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII.

The new game, which is now titled Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, will be the second game in a planned trilogy. 

This is quite interesting because Part 1 only covered the Midgar portion of disk 1 of the original. This could either mean that the second part covers a larger portion of the story or that the story diverges from the original and concludes in a vastly different way. We shall see.

The game was revealed at Square’s 25th Anniversary Event for Final Fantasy VII with an awesome new first look trailer. 

In it, you can see Cloud walking around the wilderness and Sephiroth following along. This is most likely the original telling of the Nibelheim incident when “Cloud” and Sephiroth went over to investigate. 

You can also see more scenes of Zack Fair who – without giving much away – has gained a new prominence in the narrative thanks to how FF7 Remake ended.

In addition to this announcement, Square also announced a remake of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII! 

This beloved spin-off of the series stars Zack Fair and is the tale of how he became the person who would eventually inspire Cloud to greatness. 

We don’t know if the remake will add anything narrative to the game or not but considering how connected to the rest of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII the FF7 Remake is, the chances are not low.

You can check out the full trailer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth below. 

The game is slated to come out in winter 2023.


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