Call of Duty Now Punishes Cheaters by Disarming Them

Activision’s Team RICOCHET has recently revealed that they have added a new tool to its arsenal in combating against cheaters in Call of Duty games.

The team revealed the newest update to RICOCHET Anti-Cheat in a blog post. The post goes into more detail on how they plan to make CoD: Warzone and Vanguard a better experience for all players.

According to the team, anti-cheat solutions are like anti-virus software. That is to say that there is a constant tug of war between those trying to prevent cheating and those trying to find ways around these protections.

The team went on to state that they’ve gotten better at detecting when players do things they aren’t supposed to be able to.

When a cheater is detected, they will be subjected to some or all of the tools in the team’s so-called “mitigation toolbox.” These tools are aimed at making the cheater’s experience less fun while keeping them in the game long enough for the team to collect data on them.

One of the mitigation tools is called Damage Shield. It protects non-cheating players against cheaters by letting them know when they are being shot at.

Another tool is the Cloaking tool. This one causes the cheater’s victim to go invisible, making it hard for the cheater to follow through and get the kill.

The latest tool to be added to the mix is Disarm. This tool causes the cheater to lose all their weapons, along with the ability to attack with their punch. 

The idea is to disempower them to discourage them from cheating again while keeping them in the game for the longest possible time to collect data on them. 

While all of these tools sound really cool, it is worth mentioning that banning cheaters still proves to be an effective solution.

In any case, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat continues to get better and will likely be included in the next CoD game on day one. 

When that day comes, we will be getting a real-life demonstration in real-time of just how effective it proves to be against cheaters and cheating.


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