Ooredoo Maldives and Game Room Team Up for DOTA 2 League

Ooredoo Maldives and Game Room have teamed up to bring local players their newest event, the DOTA 2 League.

This league was first announced around the end of May and we covered it here

According to a page on Ooredoo Nation about the league, the games are 5v5 and for PC, as to be expected. 

The prize for first place in the league is set at MVR 10,000. Second and third place will net winners MVR 6,000 and MVR 3,000 respectively. There is also an MVR 1,000 prize for fourth place.

Currently, we are on day 1 of the league. We will be keeping a close eye on the league and will bring you an update on how it all plays out.

In the meantime, if you want to keep up with the match schedule and other details of the league, you can check out the Ooredoo Nation page for it here.

Additionally, if you want to watch the league, you can do so at Highway Coffee Shop, where the event is being streamed.


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