Valorant To Test Voice Chat Monitoring Next Month

Riot Games will be using its popular character tactical shooter Valorant to test out its voice chat monitoring technology.

According to a blog post released by the company, this new voice evaluation system will eventually be able to identify when players violate the behavioral standards within the community. Things like using coarse language, harassment, racism, and so on and so forth.

Riot went on to say that the testing will begin around July 13 and will only affect players in the North American area that use English. That being said, this is only the beginning so only time will tell how soon this testing makes it over to us.

The company explained that during this testing phase, players may find their in-game voice chat being analyzed by the game. 

However since the system is being tested, whatever is recorded will not be judged for appropriateness. The goal is reportedly to test out the tech and improve its language models so that the system can be rolled out later this year.

Riot also said that it would open the system for beta testing and begin inviting players once the tech gets to a point where it can work effectively.

The blogpost also stated that this system is being tested on Valorant first. This implies that some of Riot’s other games might get to experience this system as well.

Will this new system help curb toxicity in online gaming? Or is this just another step towards giving up our privacy online? Only time will tell.


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