Tower of Fantasy Launches in the West

A much-discussed free-to-play open world gacha game published by Level Infinite called Tower of Fantasy has launched in the west.

Initially available only in China, this game drew comparisons to the well-known gacha game, Genshin Impact. Whether the game is too similar to its competition or has something unique to offer will come into light now that it has received its western release and more people can weigh in on it.

Regardless, the game appears to be an anime-influenced sci-fi game with post-apocalyptic influences. 

As for the story, the game appears to be set hundreds of years in the future on an alien planet known as Aida. Humanity seems to have exhausted all the resources of their original homeworld and are on this new world to settle on it. Maybe things will be different this time, right? Right?

In any case, like most gacha games, the game comes with a range of characters to use with their own unique weapons and approach to combat. 

In combat, players will have access to three weapons. Using one will charge up the other two. When this charge builds to a certain level, players can unleash devastating discharge attacks for massive damage.

Additionally, when players time their dodges right and evade the enemy attack with perfect timing, they activate an ability called Phantasia. This ability charges the players’ weapons and slows down enemies near them, similar to Bayonetta’s Witch Time, but with a more limited scope.

The game can be played alone or with friends. You can explore the open world together or engage with the content presented within.

Another feature that is catching player interest is the ability to create and customize your character. The game lets you go into detail with customization options for outfits, body type, skin color, eye shadow color, and more. It’s also expected that more options will come with future updates.

Last but not least, is exploration. Exploration is stated to be a big part of Tower of Fantasy. Players will get to travel to different parts of Aida and complete missions.

To assist with this travel, players have access to many different mounts. These range from motorbikes to robot horses to mechs and more. 

There is also a Relic system to encourage players to jetpack higher or break rock formations to discover hidden rewards and access new parts of the map. Players can pick up a Relic and gain a temporary boost to their traversal ability in some way.
Tower of Fantasy is currently out on iOS, Android, and on Steam.

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