Netflix Cancels Resident Evil Series After One Season

In a move that surprised very few, popular streaming giant Netflix has canceled its adaptation of Resident Evil after just one season.

According to an article by Deadline, Netflix will not be renewing this series for a second season. This could be due to the fact that despite debuting in the Top 10 rankings, the series plummeted in rankings.

Most fans of the Resident Evil series who expected a more direct adaptation felt outraged at the new setting, new characters, the seeming lack of classic characters from the game, and more. 

That being said, there are some of the classic monsters from the game in the show, but they are more like cameos and lack most of their original context or lore.

The series initially seemed like an alternate universe version of Resident Evil, in the sense that characters like Wesker and the Umbrella Corporation existed but in very different contexts. There were more connections to Resident Evil’s past and history that popped up as the series continued.

The show had a story that spans two timelines; one in the present day and one in the future where a zombie apocalypse has turned the world into a World War Z-esque battle zone. From a storytelling POV, it offered the creators a chance to tell the story of an outbreak as it’s happening and years after it happened.

In any case, it looks like the show’s over. Literally. 

If there was anyone out there who was enjoying the show for whatever reason, we offer our condolences. Our great and powerful overlords at Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away.

This is the latest adaptation of the Resident Evil series that fails to meet the mark. 

While the series of movies were financially successful, fans of the games weren’t always too keen on them. Welcome to Raccoon City was another attempt which also failed to deliver. And now, we have this one.

To some fans, it almost feels like the franchise is cursed to never get that pitch perfect adaptation. 

However, if there’s anything the Resident Evil series taught us, it is that it doesn’t stay dead for long. So… maybe next time?


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