Apex MV S3 Begins Tomorrow

Of the many online battle royale games up and about right here in the Maldives, Apex Legends currently enjoys a steady following and traffic in the gaming spheres across the nation.

The hype and competitive spirit is alive and well, as the nation gears up for S3 of ApexMV tournaments, organized by the ApexMV Community. 

So before go time, we figured it might be helpful to let everyone know the who’s and what’s as final preparations are underway for these tourneys that no Apex player here in the island nation should miss out on. 

ApexMV Community – Created and Driven by Passion

Formed in 2019 by a passionate group of local players, the ApexMV Community has been highly active in promoting anything and everything Apex Legends in the Maldives. The community has in the past organized a variety of friendlies and competitions including the S1 and S2 of the ApexMV Rivals tournaments, which are designed to pit players to collaborate and compete all in good spirits.  

The competitions are streamed and made available via community members’ Twitch channels, the community Facebook page as well it’s Discord channel.

With 390 Facebook members and 340 Twitch followers, the ApexMV Community continues to grow well.

According to ApexMV, the ApexMV tournaments are designed and held to achieve both Apex specific goals broader objectives for gaming in the Maldives which include:

  • Uniting the Maldivian gaming community as a whole.
  • Developing and showcasing the skills of the Community through competitive tournaments.
  • Giving local gamers the opportunity to receive proper recognition
  • Improving and training skilled players to compete in regional and international tournaments 

Quick Recap: S1 and S2

Earlier in 2022, ApexMV organized and hosted 2 major tournaments under the names of ApexMV Rivals S1 and S2.

Both the tournaments originally had no major initial prize pools announced, but did receive many contributions by the community and enthusiasts to make a up an apt prize pool at the end of the tourneys.

The past tournaments and their winners are indicated as follows:


  • ApexMv Solo:
    • 20 Players 
    • Winner: Deadcaedxz 
  • ApexMv Duos:
    • 40 Players
    • Winners: PeePeePooPoo (XepherWolf, Renegadexdv )
  • ApexMv Friends(Random teams): 60 Players
    • Winners: Justice league (XepherWolf (Leader), AarishSpamsR2, Rae-bo)
    • MVP: AarishSpamsR2 

APEXMV RIVALS S2:  [07 JUNE 2022 TO 17 JUNE 2022]

  • ApexMv Friends (Random teams):
    • 60 Players
    • Winners: Team XBeruba_V2  (RobotDroid (Leader), Lightningking, Beelze
  • ApexMv Duos:
    • 40 Players
    • Winners: Team F4E (Ibaau, Latin) 
  • ApexMv Rivals:
    • 60 Players
    • Winners: R301 Enjoyers (XepherWolf, Renegadexdv, Lujusta)
    • MVP: Lujusta & Vykal 

ApexMV S3

Hosted in collaboration with Game Room MV with Velotical as the digital partner, as well as other contributors, the ApexMV S3 is essentially a continuation of the previously held Rivals S1 and S2 tournaments—with a few minor changes.

ApexMV details out the tournament rules and formats as follows: 

To start off, the tournaments in S3 will all follow Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) rules as far as in game configurations and base calibrations go, and will be crossplay enabled, so players whether they be PC, consoles or mobile players can all join up. 

Similar to previous iterations, there are 3 main segment tournaments in S3—ApexMV Arenas, Duos and Championship. 

ApexMV Arenas

  • Date: 5th Oct (Wednesday)
  • Time: 20:00 (Local time – Maldives)

Arenas will consist of pre-registered teams, and will function on knockout rules of engagement. The team matchups will be drawn live on ‘ApexMv’ Twitch channel.

ApexMV Duos

  • Date: 7th Oct (Friday)
  • Time: 20:00 (Local time- Maldives)

The Duos will consist of 20 pre-registered teams, playing to match-point rules of engagement. As such, neither team manages to reach the match point requirement in 6 matches, then the team with the most points will take the win.

If two teams are level on points, then total kills will be considered to tie-break and select a winner. If both points and total kills are equal, then the team with the most kills in a single match will be the winner.

ApexMV Championship

  • Date: 13th Oct and 14th Oct (Thursday & Friday)
  • Time: 20:00 (Local time- Maldives)

The Championship will consist of 20 slots provided for pre-registered teams, playing to match-point rules of engagement.

A maximum of 6 matches will be played during each match day. As for the matches themselves, they will be played at World’s Edge (3 matches) and Storm Point (3 matches).

If there are no winners by the end of Matchday 1, then the matches will be continued on Day 2. Each team is also given 1 sub in case a player is unable to play on a match day.

So there you have it readers and Apex aficionados, it’s almost time for the ApexMV S3, organized by the ApexMV Community.

The action, the suspense, the amazing moments, tactics and madness alike—catch it all with these tourneys via the ApexMV Twitch channel.

Let’s get ready to rumble!


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