Battlefield 2042’s Limited-Time Event Turned Off After Just 30 Minutes

The developers of the Battlefield series, DICE, had to turn off Battlefield 2042’s the Liquidator limited-time event after about 30 minutes due to serious bugs.

The event went live at around 1:00PM local time but the event has been taken down as of 1:32PM local time. 

The reason given for this swift change is that the progression system of the event did not work as intended. Apparently players did not receive any rewards for progressing through the event or could not equip the rewards they obtained.

An announcement about what had happened was made on the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account.

DICE went on to say that the event would be restored later today after maintenance. In fact, it might even be up by the time you read this.

This news is just the latest in an ongoing pattern of disappointing and/or negative news about Battlefield 2042. After a less-than-stellar launch, the game was criticized for launching with many staple features of the genre (such as a scoreboard) missing, among various other problems.

We are interested to see how long publisher EA insists on keeping this game alive through its numerous setbacks. So we will be keeping an eye on any new updates.


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