Everything You Need to Know About the New Silent Hill Transmission

Japanese publisher Konami has made some major reveals about the future of the Silent Hill franchise.

The revelations came as part of a Silent Hill showcase called Silent Hill Transmission, which aired this week.

As part of this showcase, the publisher announced multiple new games and projects. So let’s break it down.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

This one was rumored for some time and it seems that the rumors were true. A developer known as Bloober Team is working on a full remake of Silent Hill 2, which is thought by horror fans and game critics to be one of the best horror games of all time.

The game will be developed with help of the original Team Silent artist, Mashiro Ito and composer, Akira Yamaoka.

The game is to come out on the PS5. And considering the classic status of the game, Bloober Team might have their work cut out for them.

Silent Hill: Townfall

This is a spin-off of the main series and will be developed by No Code Studios and publisher Annapurna Interactive.

This will be a new take on the franchise by a highly-celebrated developer.

Silent Hill f

This is the second spin-off that was announced. Dubbed Silent Hill f, the game will be set in 1960’s Japan.

The game is a narrative-driven spin-off that is being written by Japanese writer Ryukishi07. He is the creator of visual novels such as Higurashi and Umineko.

Silent Hill: Ascension

This is one of the most unique projects that was announced. According to Konami, this is a live interactive experience.

So far, it has been described as a game of Silent Hill that’s like Twitch Plays Pokemon with the audience deciding what the character does via voting.

Silent Hill: Ascension will reportedly be live on multiple platforms and is being developed by Genvid Entertainment, Bad Robot Games, Behvaiour Interactive, and dj2 Entertainment.

Return to Silent Hill

There was also a new movie announced for Silent Hill. 

Directed by Christophe Gans, who also directed the first one, details about this film are being kept deliberately vague at the moment.

However, Konami promised to reveal more in time.


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