Apex Legends Mobile to Ban Accounts for Cheating

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that it is taking more active steps against cheaters and cheating in Apex Legends Mobile.

According to a graphic released by the Apex Legends Mobile team, they will be “taking enforcement action” against cheaters including permanently banning them.

The topic of Apex Legends, or rather Respawn Entertainment and cheating is not a new one. Just this week, Apex Legends pro Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin expressed concern that Apex would “end up like Titanfall”.

HisWattson is one of the top players of Apex and is known for voicing his opinion on issues he finds important. 

This approach got him banned from the ALGS competition for a week following his criticism of Respawn developers’ handling of cheaters in the game. However, he has remained stalwart in his views.

Speaking of Respawn Entertainment, their previous games Titanfall 1 and 2 have had a major cheating problem for a long time. The issue was so pervasive that Titanfall 1 was rendered unplayable by players who paid for the game.

Apex Legends has been Respawn’s golden goose for some time now and has received the care and consideration it needs. With this issue of rampant cheating present, it is expected that the company will do more to deal with it than it did for its previous games.

So far, it has been an announcement of intent and a call to action to the players to report cheaters as much as possible. What they will do beyond this… only time will tell.


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