Genshin Impact Debuts Highly Anticipated Character in 3.3 Patch Livestream

Chinese developer Hoyoverse’s free-to-play action RPG, Genshin Impact has revealed a highly anticipated character as the next playable 5-star character.

The character in question is Scaramouche aka the Balladeer aka Kunikuzushi aka Kabukimono aka the 6th Fatui Harbinger. We can now add one more name to this long list; Wanderer.

The character was first seen in an event in version 1.1 where he boldly made the claim that the stars are fake. The comment shocked many lore-enjoyers and has created an enduring mystery in the game that persists to this day.

After that, he made an appearance in the main story in the Inazuma region in Chapter II as a minor antagonist. This was the point where he went rogue and abandoned the Fatui.

Scaramouche has been a character of interest amongst fans for his personality, visuals, and voice acting. He has been on many fans’ must-pull list for years, despite not being officially announced.

However, as of the livestream of patch 3.3, the man finally makes his debut under the name, ‘Wanderer’.

The livestream revealed the Wanderer to be an Anemo DPS unit that attacks with wind blades and has the ability to fly. This flight (or hovering state, to be more accurate) is achieved by using his Elemental Skill, Hanega: Song of the Wind.

This hovering state is highly noteworthy as a new addition to the game. It operates on a meter separate from the stamina meter and has massive implications for exploration and combat. For one thing, it lightly sprinkles aerial combat into the game.

On a more amusing note, the Wanderer’s Elemental Burst (Kyougen: Five Ceremonial Plays) is an animation of him stepping on the screen, proving that Hoyoverse understands their audience very well. It also does Anemo burst damage, in case you were wondering.

In addition to Wanderer, the livestream also introduced players to a brand new 4-star character called Faruzan.

Described as an ‘enigmatic machinist’, Faruzan is a scholar and a mentor at the Sumeru Akademiya. Despite her youthful appearance, she is apparently a hundred or so years old.

According to what details we know, Faruzan was once a famous explorer and scholar in Sumeru who traveled the region, solving puzzles and exploring ruins. However, she became trapped in a puzzle for 100 years, during which time she did not age.

Faruzan eventually solved the puzzle herself and escaped, only to find a Sumeru that is very different from the one she left behind. 

Interesting lore and story aside, what makes Faruzan is a bow-using Anemo support unit. Her main claim to fame comes from being able to both buff Anemo damage and shred enemy Anemo resistance.

Her Elemental Skill, Wind Realm of Nasamjnin will pull enemies towards a point she shoots with her next charged shot while her Elemental Burst, The Wind’s Secret Ways will travel in a set path, providing buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies.

This makes her the ideal dedicated support for Anemo DPS characters such as the fan-favorite Xiao, Mr. One Punch Man Heizou, and of course, the Wanderer himself.

Aside from these announcements, here’s a list of other interesting news and updates that the livestream revealed:

A New Archon Quest: A new Archon Quest named “Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Inversion of Genesis” focusing on the Wanderer and his history was announced.

Banner Reveals: It was revealed that joining the Wanderer as the second limited banner will be “the One and Oni” Arataki Itto. After that, we will see a rerun of fan-favorite Raiden Shogun, along with the stylish Kamisato Ayato.

Akitsu Kimodameshi: A new Inazuma-based event was announced. It looks to pull in plenty of beloved Inazuman characters and has a bit of a horror vibe. There are several notable minigames to play, including an element-based version of Break Breaker. 

Windtrace: The Windtrace event is coming back! With some new abilities for both Hunters and Rebels, including the chance for caught players to still help in a kind of spectator mode, this event looks to be quite fun.

Genius Invokation TCG: We’ve heard mention of the game in the lore since Sumeru and finally, it is making its debut. This card game comes with its own rules, mechanics, and collectible cards. Players can challenge certain NPCs to matches and earn rewards. They can also play against their friends competitively. However, this feature is just for fun and has no in-game leaderboards to speak of, nor rewards for winning.

The version 3.3 livestream of Genshin Impact aired over the weekend. The content that was announced, along with the 3.3 update, will become available on December 7.

Will you be pulling for the Wanderer and Faruzan? Or are you saving for Raiden and/or Ayato? 

Whatever the case, we wish the best of luck to all players!

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