Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase Reveals New Details

A new gameplay showcase has revealed many features that players can expect in the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. Some examples include flying on broomsticks and casting various spells.

The first part of the gameplay showcase was all about flying on brooms. The developers showed how flight would work out in the open world and spoke about customizing your own broom and getting various upgrades.

Then the showcase shifted its focus to a small community-like area where NPCs lived. In the showcase, they referred to it as a hamlet. It had various gameplay opportunities such as secret items, quests, achievements, and so on.

The showcase then showed off mounts in the game. In Hogwarts Legacy, the player can have mounts. The gameplay showcase showed off a hippogriff. It seems to offer a very different flying experience compared to the broom, along with some ground travel options.

Another thing that was highlighted in the showcase was the fact that after a certain point in the game, the world outside Hogwarts will open up for the player. The developers stated that players can go exploring anywhere that catches their fancy, adding that some areas might have greater challenges. 

Speaking of the open world, there will reportedly be different areas like the coast and mountains to explore. The developers also showed off how the world looks in different seasons and mentioned that there is a day and night cycle which will impact the game in various ways.

Then came the combat showcase. In an area known as the Dark Arts Battle Arena, the developers showcased how combat works in the game. 

It looks as though it will be fast-paced third person combat that involves using abilities with cooldowns, magical items, and various equippable abilities. 

The showcase showed off a variety of spells and abilities, but the most notable ones were the Unforgivable Curses. In the Harry Potter series, Unforgivable Curses are three spells that affect people in ways that were deemed too harmful and thus, were made illegal. One curse instantly kills people, another lets one mind control people, and the last one just causes them excruciating pain.

The inclusion of these spells in the game as options is gaining some buzz online. Some players are interested to see how they work in the game and want to try it out. Others find the idea to be a bit too dark and/or morally questionable.

Regardless, the showcase itself consisted of the player character fighting off waves of enemies while utilizing various spells, potions, and magical plants. Oh, and there was also a Thestral mount showcased, which is apparently a DLC. 

Following the combat showcase, the developers then moved onto the Room of Requirement, which acts as a personal base for the player character. The showcase highlighted a lot of customization options for furniture, the layout of the space, and the items in it. 

There were also some furniture and utility items available such as potion stations, a loom to customize equipment, and a place to identify newly obtained gear.

The next thing showcased was a large fantastic beast care area in the Room of Requirement. A few magical beasts were showcased and it was revealed that they need to be fed and pet. Like Stardew Valley, perhaps?

The game will be released on February 10, 2023 for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. However, the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been delayed to April 4, 2023. The Nintendo Switch version is coming on July 25, 2023.
You can watch the gameplay showcase for yourself here.


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