Development to Marvel’s Avengers to Comes to an End

Crystal Dynamics has announced that active development on its live service game, Marvel’s Avengers is coming to a close.

The developers released a blog post titled “Final Update on the Future of Marvel’s Avengers” which said that support will come to an end on September 30 and that the game would no longer be available on digital storefronts. 

The post also added that all solo content will still be available after the date and that the multiplayer would be available as well. 

What this means is that Crystal Dynamics will not be releasing any new story content, characters, balance fixes, etc for the game going forward. To put it another way, this live service is about to die.

The final content release for the game was Update 2.7 and the final balance update will be Update 2.8 which is slated for March 31.

Following this, the cosmetics marketplace will be disabled and credits will no longer be available for purchase. Whatever credit you might have will be turned into in-game resources and all cosmetics will become free.

With this imminent shutdown, Marvel’s Avengers gets ready to find itself a comfortable spot in the graveyard of formerly-live service games, right next to Babylon’s Fall, Anthem, and Square Enix’s Chocobo GP.

As we see another one bite the dust, as they say, one question that hangs in the air is, what will other big companies looking to make the next big live service game learn from the failure of yet another attempt?
Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can check out our review of Marvel’s Avengers, where we gave it a middling review.


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