Raid Shadow Legends to Get an Animated Show and more

Hello there readers, and welcome to another edition of Emmen Weekly, where we try to round up on interesting gaming related news from the past week or so.

Our issue this week starts with the popular turn-based mobile MMOPRG Raid Shadow Legends and how it’s getting an animated show adaptation.

Raid: Shadow Legends to get an Animated Show

Pixel United has announced that they are developing a series of animated shorts for the popular mobile game, Raid: Shadow Legends.

The series will consist of five-minute-long episodes, and they are scheduled to be released on YouTube once a week.

The animated show, titled Raid: Call of the Arbiter, will be led by Eric Rollman, former President of Marvel Television, and Jesper Kyd, known for his work on the Assassin’s Creed and Borderlands franchises, will compose the show’s music.

These shorts will deepen the lore of the game’s core characters, providing more immersive storylines for players.

Plarium’s Vice President of Creative and Executive Producer, Nicholas Day, expressed his excitement about working with the team on this project. He said, “We’re thrilled to be working with such a high caliber team on this exciting new series that takes Raid: Shadow Legends to the next level for our fans.”

The company’s goal is to establish Raid as a bankable evergreen intellectual property with enough strength to do more, while appealing to both its core fans and a broader audience.

It is uncommon for mobile games to commit to deepening their existing character stories and lore with high-quality animated shorts. This is something that is typically associated with AAA gaming, so it is exciting to see mobile gaming evolve in this direction. If Raid: Call of the Arbiter can pull this off, it will be an impressive breakthrough for the mobile gaming genre.

The show is set to premiere on May 18th of this year, and a teaser trailer has already been released. Fans of the game can look forward to this immersive new addition to the Raid: Shadow Legends universe.

Netflix Announces More Games Coming This Year!

Creator: Issaro Prakalung / EyeEm 

Netflix is expanding its gaming catalog by adding approximately 40 more games to the existing library for its subscribers.

In a blog post released on March 20th, Monday, Netflix announced that they would add one new game to their gaming portfolio every month, with an additional 16 games being developed in-house.

According to the post, “This year we’re going to continue building our portfolio — and that means new games every month. Members will discover indie darlings, award-winning hits, RPGs, narrative adventures, puzzle games, and everything in between, and we’re working with the world’s leading studios to bring you these games.”

Netflix’s current gaming catalog includes critically acclaimed titles such as Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Spiritfarer. Additionally, ustwo games, the creators behind the popular mobile game Monument Valley, have launched their new title Desta – The Memories Between on Netflix Games.

The company has also announced that both Monument Valley titles will be available on the platform in the future.

Netflix’s move to expand its gaming catalog is an effort to attract and retain subscribers by offering more content options. The addition of new games every month, as well as the development of in-house titles, will provide subscribers with a diverse range of games to choose from.

As a result, this move is expected to appeal to a wider audience, including avid gamers and casual gamers alike.

Due to the increasing competition in the streaming platforms Netflix has launched Netflix Games in 2022 in order to expand their reach into the gaming market and provide their subscribers with an additional value for their subscription.

Developer Community Meetup Cancelled Due to Threats

The Rust development team cancelled a Developer Community Meetup due to death threats they received from an unknown source.

The meetup was organized by Facepunch Studios and was supposed to take place during this year’s Game Developers Conference. The event was aimed to give Rust players an opportunity to interact with the dev team, talk about the game and share their portfolios.

However, due to multiple doxxing instances, some staff members had to change their personal details and that of their loved ones. As a result, the team decided to cancel the meetup for the safety of its members.

Rust producer Alistair McFarlane said in a statement that the majority of fans were respectful and supportive. However, he acknowledged that a small subset of individuals engage in threatening and abusive behavior, which is unacceptable.

“Death threats and abusive behavior are never acceptable, and it is important to remember that game developers are people too. They should not have to face such behavior while simply doing their job. Hopefully, this cancellation will raise awareness about the importance of treating developers with respect and will help reduce such incidents in the future.”

Elden Ring Stats Reveal Players Died Over 9 Billion Times Since Launch

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Elden Ring, Bandai Namco has released an infographic titled ‘Battle Scars’ which highlights interesting statistics from the game.

According to the infographic, Elden Ring players have attempted 5.9 million boss battles in the one year period, with Maliena ranking at the top with 329 million attempts. Starscoruge Radahn comes in at fifth with 139 million attempts.

During the one year period, players died over a total of 9 billion times, with almost 69% of the deaths being attributed to enemies and NPCs, while 2% was caused by other players.

Bandai Namco’s infographic provides a fascinating insight into the gameplay and the challenges faced by Elden Ring players. It’s interesting to see the staggering number of attempts on bosses and the amount of times players have died in just one year.

The infographic also shows the dedication of the players towards Elden Ring and the challenges they face in the game.

As Elden Ring continues to grow in popularity, it will be interesting to see how these statistics change over time and how players continue to engage with the game.


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