Welcome to Emmen Gaming website!

Hello there! Welcome to our website! We are very pleased to have you here. Our website is still very much a work in progress. Here, you will find links to our game reviews, podcasts, news segments and our featured articles.

What is Emmen Gaming?

We are a local games media set in the Maldives, we talk about video games, do game reviews, write about video games and enable other game-likers to talk about the games they are passionate about.

How often do we post content?

We will be posting at least one news segment daily, our reviews will be one video game review per week and will go live each Saturday through our social media platforms Facebook and YouTube and our Checkpoint Coffee podcast will air one episode per month.

How do I contact Emmen Gaming team?

Head over to our Contact Us section to find our contact details or alternatively send us a mail via emmengamingmv@gmail.com. Or you could send us a DM on our social media.