Local Gamer Heads to Commonwealth eSports Championship

Local gamer Nazil (also known as Naxilo) is heading to compete at the inaugural Commonwealth eSports Championship.

The news was announced today on Ooredoo Nation in a post featuring an interview by Naxilo.

As mentioned before, this is the first Commonwealth eSports Championship and will be held in Birmingham, England from August 6 to 7.

The championship will feature esports athletes from across the Commonwealth. The games that will be played have yet to be announced.

Additionally, an event known as the Commonwealth eSports Forum will be held at the same venue one day before the championship, on August 5. 

This event is said to be the first of its kind and a global convention for thought leaders and idea creators.

The Commonwealth eSports Forum and Championship stand as signs of the growing prominence of gaming and esports across the world. 

We at Emmen Gaming would like to congratulate Naxilo for his qualification and wish him the best of luck in his upcoming matches.


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