Pokemon Trading Card Game Coming to Mobile

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting an official free-to-play mobile app.

The app will be called TCG Live and will let you play the game on smartphones for the first time ever.

The game will have a soft launch in Canada before getting a global release for PC and Mac later this year. Also, it is worth noting that cross platform play is possible.

This version of the game lets you build your deck, battle other players, and take part in daily challenges. 

However, players won’t be able to trade cards with each other, which is a strange choice for the Pokemon TRADING Card Game but let’s move on for now.

The Pokemon TCG has been available on digital platforms before, with a version of it being on the iPad. This version is called the Pokemon TCG Online.

As for how the game works, the game’s website says that you can scan cards in real life or buy digital boosters. There are also cards offered as rewards for daily events and such.

Players can also unlock avatar customization options.

Whether this is a meaningful evolution (heh, get it?) for the Pokemon TCG or whether it is setting up a platform for microtransactions and other forms of predatory monetization, only time will tell.


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