The Dark Pictures Season One Finale Announced

The next game in Until Dawn creators Supermassive Games’ horror anthology, the Dark Pictures has been announced to be the “season one finale” of the anthology.

The Dark Pictures is a multi-game horror anthology created by Supermassive Games which began with Man of Medan, which was released in 2019. Each game takes place in a new setting and in a different genre of horror. 

The only major aspect tying the games together seemed to be a character known as the Curator; a mysterious and enigmatic figure who acts like a storyteller from a show like the Twilight Zone.

The other games in the series are Little Hope (2020) and House of Ashes (2021).

It was previously known that the anthology series would have 8 games. 

With this announcement, it has also become clear that the next game in the series, the Devil in Me will be a “season finale”. This means that the remaining 4 games (not counting the Devil in Me) is part of a second season… whatever that means.

You can check out the announcement trailer for the Devil in Me below.

Looking at the trailer, it looks like this game will take inspiration from movies like Saw and less inspiration from supernatural horror like the previous iterations in the series.

The Dark Pictures anthology series of games are similar to Until Dawn in that they are quicktime event and story based. The attraction of these games is how they are essentially a horror movie that you can play. 

Your choices (and reflexes) can decide who lives and who survives until the end. As such, these games are meant to be replayed.

The Dark Pictures anthology is doing some interesting things in the realm of horror video games and deserves some recognition. 

We look forward to the Devil in Me and hope that they nail the landing for the season finale.


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