PlayStation Official PS5 Covers Revealed

PlayStation has announced that they are releasing official console covers for PlayStation 5.

There are “galaxy-themed” colors that you can chose from: Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Midnight Black, Starlight Blue, and Nova Pink.

These covers are available for both PS5 Disk Edition and Digital Edition. However, they are sold separately from the PS5 console and Dualsense controller.

‘Midnight Black’ and ‘Cosmic Red’ console covers will become available starting in January 2022 at selected location but the rest of the colors will be released on during the first half of 2022.

The announcement also included that there will be three new colors coming to the Dualsense. ‘Nova Pink’, ‘Starlight Blue’, and ‘Galactic Purple’.

Earlier this year, they released the first two colors: Midnight Black, Cosmic Red.

The new Dualsense colors will be available along with the console covers on January 2022.

Which color is your favourite?


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